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Fabio Viviani

I just want to express my infinite gratitude to you for creating this amazing website, you are amazing, fast and a reliable worker, i could not be more happy than what i was when i first saw the new website up, you’re not setting the Bars for what a professional is, you are the bar. Thanks soo much !!

Danielle James

Rick Robbins has an extraordinary eye, a creativity and originality that inspires, and the skill and ingenuity to visually execute most any idea masterfully. He is a truly valuable find.

Ragnar Crowley

In one word… Impressive. Rick’s WP design work is second to none. If you really appreciate working with a true professional that flat out knows their craft.. and you want high quality custom work done right the first time, there’s only one choice… WordPress Makeover.

“If you want a high quality, beautiful and high converting website for a great price, hire WordPress Makeover!”

Mike Tyson

Rick Robbins was very fast and easy to work with. He knew exactly what my wife and I were looking for in our website. Thanks Rick!

Erin Andrews

Thanks Rick! My website looks absolutely amazing!

Floyd Mayweather

On behalf of the Money Team and Myself, we appreciate Rick’s excellent work on

“Way beyond my expectations. I’m glad to see I made the right choice.”

Ferny Ceballos & Raymond Fong

Rick is our go to guy for all things web design and graphics design. Rick is rare in his abilities, in that he is both technically savvy as a web developer and brilliant as a graphics designer/artist. He can help give your stuff an extreme makeover and already understands our industry, so he speaks the language.

Ray & Jessica Higdon

I was so blessed to find Rick to do Both mine and Ray’s website. We met at an event, and from the moment I told him what I wanted he made it EXACTLY as I had hoped! Not only that, but he is so responsive whenever I need something changed or tweaked on the website. If you want a high quality, beautiful and high converting website for a great price, hire WordPress Makeover!

David Wood

Just to compliment you – I’m getting raving reviews on the design – “Best blog ever” and things like that are common – Thanks again man.

“You aren’t just setting the bar for what professional is –
You are the bar.”

Jim Badger

I am grateful that Rick Robbins of WordPress Makeover was able to help me put my website together; he is an extreme talent. Thanks Rick!

Ross Cooper

Rick Robbins is the best web designer we’ve found to date. We were on our third web design and we’re amazed how much better our site looks after Rick spun his magic. It’s my hope he’ll be available to do a lot more projects for us in the future.

Ted Nuyten

Rick Robbins is one of the best web designers in the WordPress World. Great guy to work with, FAST, RELIABLE, CREATIVE. I highly recommend him!

“It’s so great to meet someone who really delivers without any BS.”

Glen Geditz

I just wanted to express how pleased I am with the work WordPress Makeover did on my blog. I appreciate the patience Rick had with me and his attention to detail was top notch. I will definitely come back when I need changes made in the future.

Carl Chia

I was looking for a web designer to help me design my website and wanted it to be personal and customized to what I want. Having tried other web designers before, I was a little apprehensive about engaging another one. When I came across Rick and saw his portfolio, I thought it was quite impressive and felt that he could give me what I am looking for. I decided to take the plunge and I am glad that I did. Rick has delivered every single detail that I wanted. Not only that, he responses and delivers very quickly. He understands what I want and is able to realize it! A top notch professional with great customer service.

Kari Lappi

WOW, words fail me Rick… All in all, it is absolutely beautiful! It is so great to meet someone online who really delivers without any BS. I have seen many Internet marketing sites, and even if this wasn’t mine, I would say that this is one of the best I have seen. I was very lucky to find your link from Ray Higdon’s site. Thank you very much for everything. I already changed my social media pages to the new graphics, and as usual your work is excellent.

“People are loving the design… conversions way up…
Facebook likes way up… all is good”

Annaliese Nielsen

Rick Robbins is a design wizard. He is concise while still being flexible. Highly recommended.

Vidette Vanderweide

I just had to email you about this. I invested this year in a prestigious coaching program for women. I was a little intimidated with the calibre of women entrepreneurs who were a part of this group. I’m amazed at how many compliments I have received about how nice my blog is! I take it as a huge compliment coming from some of the women it is, and wanted to pass that on to you! Great work!

Monica Fraser

Everything looks amazing! You rock – great form!

“An extraordinary eye, a creativity and originality that inspires,
and the skill to execute any idea masterfully.”

Richard Fournier

I do have to say that your service and product is absolutely amazing. I would gladly recommend you to anyone.

Michael Kory

Wow, I am amazed! This looks great. Way beyond my expectations. I’m glad to see that I made the right choice.

Jason Jordan

People are loving the design…conversions way up…Facebook likes way up…all is good 🙂

“I searched long and hard to find someone this responsive, this talented and this awesome to work with.”

Bonnie Cribbs

Rick at WordPress Makeover has been exceptional to work with and I love how he was able to take my existing blog and turn it into a lead generating machine! I searched long and hard to find someone this responsive, this talented and this awesome to work with. He took a mundane and boring website and turned it into something I’m incredibly proud of! Rick and his team come highly recommended – they completely exceeded my expectations!

Erica Logan

Where do I begin with Rick and WordPress Makeover? I went through two so called wordpress designers who did nothing more than take my money,waste my time and never delivered a completed site (they both advertise heavily on the internet). Then I came across Rick, BEST decision ever! After a detailed conversation of my branding expectations Rick basically took what was inside my head and translated it to a BEAUTIFUL blog. I still don’t know how he does it! The look, feel, colors, brand are all perfection. I couldn’t ask for anything more and have gotten so many compliments on my new site. Let me save you time, money and headache…..WORK WITH RICK, SIMPLY GENIUS!!!!! (and super nice!)

Paul Charron

I have been blogging online for a little over a year and was never happy with the way my blog looked. I don’t know what “it” is, but you can always tell a “do-it-yourself” design from one done by a professional. After Rick and his staff finished my designed I was blown away with by the difference! Not only was the design clean and functional, it just had a better flow for visitors. I would like to thank Rick and WordPress Makeover for giving me a better presence online.

“In one word… Impressive.”

Samuel Levitz

It is refreshing to have someone with your amount of creativity, knowledge and responsibilty handle my sites. You transformed them better than I envisioned. Glad to have found you and will certainly give you all my website projects from here on out. I highly endorse your work to anyone that needs anything from a major overhaul to a minor tweak in your website needs. Rick is simply the best! Thank you and Aloha!

Matt Gill

I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rick – the entire experience was a breeze, and I love the work he did on my personal blog. I’ve gotten tons of comments – thanks for making me look GOOD Rick!

Ramiro Ceballos

WordPressMakeover came highly recommended to me and after working with Rick I can see why. After our initial contact to go over what I needed & was looking to do with my site/blog, 24 hours later, my site was up and running for an initial overview. After that, it was a breeze. I’ve received nothing but compliments on my blog and the process couldn’t have gone smoother. As he came highly recommended to me, I’ll continue the trend and make sure he is highly recommended to many others. Thanks Rick!

“The only regret we have is that we did not engage Rick earlier.”

Sam & Cindy Malinowsky

We have always struggled with hiring a professional to do the things that we just don’t have the expertise for. Rick and his team is our first experience in outsourcing and we couldn’t be happier. The only regret we have is that we didn’t engage Rick earlier. They took the information we gave them and put together a blog that fits us perfectly. They actually listened to what we wanted and cared about our opinion. We can’t thank Rick and his team enough. We will definitely use them again.

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