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If you’ve recently purchased one of our beautiful Kickstarter blog packages using the OptimizePress 2.0 theme, chances are you might someday want to change your homepage featured area. This is the part of the website just below the header and menu bar which displays a video and opt-in box displaying your lead magnet.

Good news for you: editing the OptimizePress 2.0 Homepage Featured Area is extremely easy! You can add a YouTube video, adjust your Opt-In text and form code from a single area within the WordPress dashboard.

First you’re going to want to sign into your WordPress dashboard at a link that looks like this:


Once you’re signed in to your WordPress admin area, locate the menu on the left that says “OptimizePress”. This is the part of the dashboard that will house all of the settings for the OP2 theme. Next, click on the sub-menu item called “Blog Settings”

And finally, click on “Modules” from the resulting menu choices. Specifically, for the homepage featured area, we’re going to focus mainly on 2 items.

  1. Homepage Featured Area – this is the video/optin box section of the homepage
  2. Sidebar Opt-In Box – this is the smaller opt-in box which appears at the top of the right hand side of each page.



The sub-menu items should be easy enough to understand. The menu items below “Sidebar Optin Box” are basically the same as “Homepage Featured Area”, and will control all the desired functions of these sections.

  1. Video: This is where you can change the video and/or adjust its settings
  2. Optin Form: This is where you can add/edit/change the opt-in form HTML code from your email provider
  3. Content: This is where you can edit the headline, subheadline, form fields and privacy text
  4. Submit Button: This is where you can edit the submit button text and/or create a custom button.

Need some visual assistance? This video should do the trick!

Email me if you have any questions!

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