The Black Package

A full-featured Authority Blog Package

Package Includes:
– Completely Custom Theme
– Up to 10 Interior Content Pages
– 3D E-Book Cover & Sales Page
– Matching Social Media Pages

On Sale From $2,497

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Fully Custom Design

An Original WordPress Theme Built From The Ground

Package Includes:
– 100% Custom Design & Development
– Any Feature You Can Dream Up
– 5 Page Designs
– Fully Mobile Responsive

Pricing Starts at $3,500

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Premium Website

An Iconic Website With Extraordinary Features

– Drag & Drop Page Builder
– “The Perfect Homepage”
– 5 Interior Content Pages
– A/B Analytics & Split Testing
– Opt-Ins, Pop-Ups, & Share Plugins
– Matching Social Media Pages

Available From $1,497

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Kickstarter Website

An Affordable Website You’ll Be Proud To Own.
Package Includes:

– WordPress Installation
– Custom WordPress Theme
– Logo & Branding
– Matching Social Media Pages

Now Only $749

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We Build Iconic Brands for Online Businesses

Learn About Our Introductory Products:

Monthly Website Care

Your website is a living, breathing creature. Proactive maintenance plans ensure that your online investment is well taken care of.

Kickstarter Blog

The perfect blog for beginner marketers and new ideas.

Premium Blog

An ideal branding solution for a truly commanding presence.


 MyQuickBlog takes care of hosting, blog setup, design, and monthly upkeep, with one low price!

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How to Edit the OptimizePress 2.0 Homepage Featured Area

If you've recently purchased one of our beautiful Kickstarter blog packages using the OptimizePress 2.0 theme, chances are you might someday want to change your homepage featured area. This is the part of the website just below the header and menu bar which displays a...

How To Wrap Your Head Around Developing A Social Media Strategy

So, you need to tap into a sea of customers for your business, and social media seems like a great way to go.... 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels Key...

If You Aren’t Emailing Your List, You Aren’t Doing It Right

You have customers, and they want your products. How are you going to get it to them? Email. “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fishburne Key Takeaways for this post:...

Great SEO: What That Means, What It Doesn’t, And How To Get It

By now you probably realize that in order to produce any real income online, you first need traffic to your website. It goes without saying that optimizing your website for search traffic is a necessary part of this process. Here's an important statistic (for those...

Where Are You In The Website Process?

I'm Brand New

“I need help getting started with everything – website hosting, setup and personal branding”

I Need A Makeover

“I have a website and hosting plan already, but I don’t like a lot of things about it”

I'm Well Established

“I’ve got a budget, and I’m ready to go head to head with the top influencers in the world

About Us

About Us

First and foremost, we love branding and design. After over a decade of creating the most iconic websites for some of the biggest names in internet marketing, we’ve become experts in the area of personal branding. We pride ourselves on originality, unmatched quality and craftsmanship, exquisite design, personalized customer service, and rigorious ongoing support and maintenance procedures. Get in touch with us today, and see what all the fuss is about.

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